Camp support

Power supply

The availability of electrical power can’t be taken for granted during aid relief projects in third world countries. Power supply is a must for essential services like hospitals, water pumping stations, and also in more common situations such as providing power in villages and refugee camps.

WRG is very experienced in this range of products with these systems and we are well known for our technical knowledge in this field. Therefore we are able to provide aid agencies with appropriate power systems and specific additions to make their projects possible. We take care of the customer’s special requirements as modifications, packaging and the supply of generator kits that include tools and spare parts.


People in relief camps are in close contact with each other, therefore hygiene is very important. WRG supplies several hygiene related products, such as cleaning equipment, kitchen and personal hygiene products, and personal protective equipment for staff and personnel.

Safety & protection

NGO’s want their team members to be protected as much as possible and prevent them to get injured in an emergency situation. Therefore personal protection has a high priority during emergency situations. WRG supplies head and hearing protection as well as hand and foot protection. We also offer FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 respirators, protective gowns and coveralls, gloves, goggles and disinfection products.

Camp kits

Camp kits contain equipment to organize a camp site at any location and in any situation. For example camp installation materials, nets boundary, buckets, jerry cans, mosquito nets and squatting plates.

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