Shelter & Camp

Tents & bedding

Basic shelter and bedding creates the basis of protection and safety for disaster-affected populations. A swift reaction is essential in this matter. In addition, the products provided need to be adequate and useful. In order to achieve this, WRG gives technical advice for specific situations and prefers to establish long-term relationships with reliable manufacturers. WRG also supplies blankets, sleeping bags and stretchers. These products are always stock available for immediate dispatch. We also supply a variety of tents, such as modular PVC tents, family relief tents and dispensary tents.

Water & sanitation

Environmental health problems (pandemic outbreak) due to emergencies and disasters have a direct connection to the conditions of water and sanitation. WRG supports relief organizations in their immediate and medium-term water and sanitation needs for the affected populations. This includes the provision of sufficient quantities of safe water, and basic sanitation arrangements. We supply a complete range of water and sanitation products to drill, collect, purify, and transport water.

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