About WRG

Your partner in relief goods since 1983

Wijnroemer Relief Goods B.V. (WRG) values the close relations with international humanitarian aid organizations and non-governmental organizations, and is proud of the support in the field of humanitarian development and disaster relief to those organizations. For over 30 years, WRG supports aid agencies with technical assistance and supply of relief goods in the field of shelter, bedding, water & sanitation, power supply systems, custom-made tool kits, etc.

WRG combines experience with an extensive network and technical know-how, offering a complete program with humanitarian relief goods. We understand the requirements of our customers and try to find the best suitable solutions during projects for re-building and re-structuring. WRG is a flexible and customer-focused organization that can provide customized emergency solutions within a short timeframe.

Preferred supplier

WRG values long term relationships with customers and suppliers. When a strong and trustworthy relationship is established, WRG is really able to look after the interest of the customers and able to react in a swift manner. Through the years, we have worked with several non-governmental organizations such as United Nations (UN), Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC), Concern Worldwide, Save the Children, WarChild, Goal, and WorldVision.

“Our vision is to add value to the relief aid required worldwide. We ensure this by using our knowledge and expertise to deploy good service, deliver the best products in accordance with the best price, as soon as possible at the desired destination.”

Company history

WRG was founded in 1983 by Peter van de Vorle and his wife Lia van de Vorle-Houben. At that time, WRG was located in Grave (the Netherlands) and operated as a car parts and tools wholesaler under the company name “De Wijnroemer”. In 1985, Dutch Landrover dealer “De Koning” started buying  tools from WRG as a service to aid organizations in the Netherlands. This was the first time WRG came in contact with aid organizations.

In 1988 MSF Holland approached WRG for assistance during the Sudan flood. At that time, WRG supplied generators, boats, engines, water tanks, office equipment, telecommunication kits and food. After the earthquake in Armenia in 1989, WRG also supplied a wide range of emergency and relief goods. This included generators, tool kits, blankets, lighting kits, and large prefab sanitary units with showers, toilets and hot water.

As a result to the increasing demand from aid agencies, WRG started focusing on aid organizations in 1990. In 2009, Margreet and Renée van de Vorle, the two eldest daughters of Peter and Lia, joined the company with the aim of continuing the family business. Together with Peter and their team of highly qualified experts, they provide customized solutions to each customer all over the world.

Today, WRG is still located in Gassel. For over 20 years, WRG is a green listed supplier of MSF and has long term agreements with several international humanitarian aid organizations.