About WRG

Wijnroemer Relief Goods (WRG) values the close relations with international humanitarian aid organizations and non-governmental organizations. WRG is proud of the support in the field of humanitarian development and disaster relief to those organizations. For almost 40 years, WRG supports aid agencies with technical assistance and supply of relief goods.

WRG combines experience with an extensive network and technical know-how, offering a complete program with humanitarian relief goods. We understand the requirements of our customers and try to find the best suitable solutions during projects for re-building and re-structuring. WRG is a flexible and customer-focused organization that can provide customized emergency solutions within a short timeframe.

What we offer


Because of the trustworthy relations with our customers and suppliers, we’re able to look after the interest of customers and react swiftly.


In-house product design, development, and engineering makes it possible to develop high quality and custom-made solutions that are non-existing in the market.


With almost 40 years of experience working for the humanitarian sector we are very flexible and we developed an effective procedure in smart packing and handling.

WRG as a family business

WRG, founded in 1983 by Peter van de Vorle and his wife Lia van de Vorle-Houben, is a Dutch family business. After WRG was founded, Lia and Peters’ love for entrepreneurship grew, so they started two more companies: IMG Europe and ENS Clean Air. In recent years their daughters – Margreet, Renée, Dominique and Esmée van de Vorle – have joined family business with the aim of continuing their parents legacy. Together with their team of highly qualified experts, they provide customized solutions everywhere.

Orgin of WRG

In 1983 WRG operated as a car parts and tools wholesaler. WRG first came into contact with aid organizations in 1985, when a Dutch Landrover dealer started buying tools as a service to aid organizations in the Netherlands. Shortly after MSF Holland approached WRG for assistance during the Sudan flood. Since that time WRG started focusing on supplying humanitarian relief goods for aid organizations all over the world.

We are proud to announce that the ISO 9001 certificate is awarded to us by the Dutch Certification Institute B.V. (NCI). Enthusiastically, we remain at your disposal to provide you with all your humanitarian product requirements. With a focus on COVID-19, we keep stock of personal protective equipment such as: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 respiratory protection and face shields.

ISO 9001