The most fundamental priority when an emergency arises, is making sure that the people in need are provided with the most primary care as soon as possible, such as shelter, clean water and food. WRG delivers these relief goods swift, reliable and in good quality.

WRG has developed a product range in cooperation with NGO’s, which meets the requirements of the special needs in the field. This doesn’t always comply to the standards we are following in Europe, the challenges from the field must be kept in mind. This ensures that the projects and field always receive goods which they can actually use. WRG helps immediately during an emergency or disaster, but also in the following period of re-building.

A complete solution

WRG supplies over 10.000 humanitarian aid related items, among an extensive range of pre-selected kits for emergency response, non-food items and project support items. Our strength lies in the ability to adjust to each of our customers requirements in which value for money, sustainability, service and quick response are of great importance.

WRG continuously adds and improves items in the relief program, for which we cooperate with several NGO’s. If you have special requests, ideas or want to customize kits, please feel free to contact us. Our product manager will be pleased to help you. We assure that we can meet all requirements, even though they may not be pointed out on our website.