Wijnroemer Relief Goods

As a reliable partner Wijnroemer Relief Goods (WRG) offers a complete solution in emergency and humanitarian relief goods. Because of our know how, network and expertise in this field, we understand the needs and requirements of our customers. WRG is known for its flexible work method and provides each customer a suitable solution.

Key partner for non-government organizations

WRG is specialist in technical support, which includes supply of generators and electric parts needed in the field. With the expertise in shelter, bedding, water, sanitation and camp support, we can provide  the right solution for each specific demand. Because of its flexibility, expertise and reliability, WRG is always ready to act as a key partner for non-governmental organizations.

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“Disasters can strike at any given moment which causes life threatening situations for hundreds or even thousands of people. Our mission is to help those in need.”

Extensive range of products

WRG supplies over 10.000 humanitarian aid related items, among an extensive range of pre-selected kits for emergency response, non-food items and project support items. Our strength lies in the ability to adjust to each of our customers requirements in which value for money, sustainability, service and quick response are of great importance.

Our website provides you more details of our products and emergency relief goods solutions. If you would like to know how WRG can be of service for your organization or if you wish to contact us, please fill out our contact form, or dial +31 486 473 577 for direct assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us.