MSF was in search for a lightweight and flexible solution to protect their emergency clinics in conflict areas against unintended impact such as falling ammunition and shards. The available solution for ballistic protection in the market, such as armour plates and sand bags, are often heavy, voluminous and difficult to integrate. The ballistic protection solutions WRG researched, in cooperation with the experts of Sioen Armour Protection (SAP), should be easy applicable in temporary shelters and should not limit the functionality of the building or influence the work of the staff. For each size and typical use, a tailored application can be developed, while maintaining key features such as limited weight, reparability and flexible use and integration into temporary and semi-permanent shelter structures.

Ballistic protection for tents

In cooperation with SAP, the Ballistic protection sheet (dimensions: 3 x 3 mtr) has been developed as an additional layer of protection against spray fire and falling ammunition. The sheet is applicable in new and existing tent structures. This additional protection measure for commonly used tents and buildings ensures a safe working environment in conflict situations and unstable areas with activity of armed forces.

Project details

High quality design

It’s a simple but effective design, which allows easy fixation to existing and new structures such as tents, canopies, buildings and any kind of sheeting to provide an additional inner layer of life-saving protection. The highly specialized ballistic materials are chosen with care, used to combine efficiency and a certain level of protection. Our solutions protect against projectile impacts resulting from spray fire and falling ammunition from a Kalashnikov rifle (AK47), according to the requirements of the “Stanag 2920 NATO standard modified version”. The impenetrable bulletproof layer is confectioned out of cleanable, chlorine resistant material. The product is also easy to transport and (re)place due to its low weight and foldability.


mounted roof pannel

“The highly specialized ballistic materials are chosen with care, used to combine efficiency and a certain level of protection”

Expanding protection solutions

We are proud that this solution had been used in numerous structures around the world, to keep working and living in tense situations possible. We continuously are trying to improve and expand our products in ballistic protection. We currently work on the expansion of the existing bulletproof layer, to be able to be more widely applicable.