Existing hospitals in South Sudan often lack the facilities needed for basic and more advanced healthcare. As a result or armed conflict in 2013, a PoC (Protection of Civilians) camp was established in Bentiu, northern state of Unity in South Sudan. MSF is running a hospital facility at the PoC camp to release pressure on the governmental hospital and have been applying upgrades to the hospital structures over the years to gradually increase the quality of healthcare.

Flexibel solution for an upgrade

After the first phase of relief, the basics of the hospital were realized with the available multi-purpose tents. To improve the quality and hygiene levels a solution was found in the modular tent system of WRG. This system allowed MSF to initially establish a fast and flexible solution with upgrade options for the long term.

WRG thinks along

Over the years, WRG delivered fully prefabricated high quality structures and upgrade packages. To enhance self-construction, training and manuals were provided. In addition, remote engineering support was given in case of unforeseen challenges.

From temporary PVC structure to semi-permanent

The hospital structures were improved via multiple stages. In the first stage temporary ward structures were constructed, consisting of lightweight modular aluminium frames with PVC covers. In between of the wards, that are set up in two parallel rows, a narrow corridor was established made out of locally available products. The wards were upgraded, in the second stage, into semi-permanent structures by replacing the PVC covers with modular insulated wall infill and roofing. A new corridor with concrete flooring was constructed and the replaced roofing sheets of the wards were fully reused in the roofs of the corridor.

Project details

MSF Holland

“This system allowed MSF to initially establish a fast and flexible solution with upgrade options for the long term”

A complete hospital

The very uneven and worn out floors of the existing wards were replaced, in the third and final upgrade, by WRG’s elevated insulated floor system. Additionally, semi-permanent facilities were built with specific spatial and climatically demands for hospital needs (including consultation rooms, staff rooms and dispensary), OT dressing rooms and TB isolation rooms. The existing wards were also equipped with gutters and drainage.

The hospital today

POC camp Bentiu, including the emergency hospital and structures from WRG are still in operation to date. The camp is still facing challenges with the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. We are more than pleased that our structures still facilitate adequate healthcare to the people around the village of Bentiu.