Many of WRG’s structures are used for emergency hospitals in affected areas around the world. From one of our clients came the urgent request for a mobile and flexible system, which enables performing medical operations in far from ideal circumstances. This Operation Theatre should be compatible to be used in existing structures but ideally it would also be self-supporting, both structurally as well as climatically.

Self-supporting operation room

For this purpose WRG developed the “OT Envelop” (Operation Theatre Envelop). This is a self-supporting operation room structure, which can be placed autonomously or inside an existing structure. If placed inside an existing structure, the OT Envelop is fully protected from weather conditions. If placed autonomously, the OT Envelop can additionally be equipped with protection covers against rain and shade netting to reduce the solar intensity on the roof of the OT Envelop.

“Even in extreme circumstances, the OT Envelop is able to provide a well-conditioned and hygienic solution to perform surgery”

Designed to provide the best possible care

The OT Envelop is fully confectioned out of cleanable, chlorine resistant reinforced PVC, to meet hygienic demands in such use situation. The walls and doors are transparent, so daylight can enter. The PVC material is flame retardant with fire classification B-S1-D0. Through prefabricated wall openings the OT Envelop is equipped with an acclimatization system based on overpressure. Air conditioning can be optionally added. Even in extreme circumstances, this basic solution is able to provide a well-conditioned and hygienic solution to perform surgery.

Project details