Multiple NGO’s are active in refugee camps and (emergency) hospitals in conflict areas. In refugee camps and hospitals around the world, a recurring problem is the lack of a good storage and distribution system for safe and clean water. In a reliable and effective water distribution network an adequate level of water pressure is indispensable.

Water Tower Kit

To ensure a durable provision of contained water at sufficient pressure, WRG developed the “Rapid Deployable Water Tower kit”. The Water Tower Kit is specifically designed fast erection and to ensure a structurally reliable solution. The Water Tower is composed as an easy assembly kit, consisting of modular steel and aluminum components and standardized fixation techniques. The kit is fully self-supporting and contains all elements for a quick manual assembly within a few hours. Depending on the terrain and the water pressure needed, the platform can be positioned at several heights (with a maximum of 5.7 meters). The platform is designed to carry a maximum amount of 5000 liters of water. Manual assembly is easy with the included highly detailed construction manual. For safety during construction, a platform method has been developed, that makes use of the kit components as temporary construction platforms.

Water Tower

“The Water Tower Kit is specifically designed for fast erection and to ensure a structurally reliable solution”

NGO’s request

The Water Tower Kit has been developed by request of NGO’s that were in need of a reliable and quick solution for water pressure in their water distribution network. In addition, pumps, piping and tank solutions can be added upon request.